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Blended Learning and the Learning Disabled Student

Blended Learning and the Learning Disabled Student

Technology could be a valuable tool for the learning disabled child. Blended learning combining online courses and a teacher for one-on-one instruction can be customized to the student’s needs.
Stacy Costa, founder of School Answers Academic Success Center says, “Individualized learning is so important for students, especially those with special needs. We’ve found many of them excel when using computers, iPads and the latest and greatest of today’s technology. Blended learning for these students is sometimes the exact key to unlocking their specific learning style. With small group instruction, assistance from an onsite teacher and the added technology, these students have the opportunity to learn without their disabilities getting in the way.”

According to Education Week teachers across the country are adopting blended learning and say they are seeing results.

Lindsay Taylor, a high school teacher in North Carolina says, “Even though my students might not be on grade level, the growth they’re making is enormous.”

Taylor’s students take classes developed by the state’s virtual schools. They cover many disabilities including ADHD, autism and cerebral palsy. Taylor says her students clearly benefit from the specially designed mix of online and hands-on lessons.
The Hechinger Report says blended learning helps all students succeed, not just those in special education.
Some of its advantages are:
• Students can “refresh” themselves, engaging with the subject as many times as needed. They can re-watch or re-listen to educational videos or podcasts.
• Students then can display their knowledge in different ways: i.e. PowerPoint, podcast, infogram, and educational video
What if your child’s school doesn’t offer such an experience? Or maybe he still needs a little boost?

School Answers can help improve your child’s educational experience through blended learning. Our program offers more than 100 online courses, powered by International Connections Academy (iNaCA). Our New Jersey certified teachers give your child the one-on-one help they need at our Colts Neck Campus. Learn more about start dates and fees for summer at or by calling 732-865-1900.


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