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School Answers is here to help your child unlock his or her full potential.

We believe every student is capable of academic success.  Some simply have greater challenges or learning needs.

We serve students from K-12, whether your child has learning problems or just wants a boost up in a highly competitive learning environment. School Answers puts an end to frustration by giving students the greatest opportunity for success by assessing learning styles and problems, then finding solutions.

We close the circle for parents, child, teacher and school, working hand-in-hand with your child’s teacher. Through our psychological evaluation, we help you find the right balance of visual, verbal and physical cues to learning.

Our goal is to see students succeed.

At School Answers we believe every child is smart and why we are WHERE SMART KIDS GET SMARTER.


Why Choose School Answers?

  • School Answers partners with students, parents, teachers and schools to help students achieve academic success.
  • School Answers is NJ State approved for services in both Public and Non-Public Schools.
  • School Answers teachers are certified with verified background checks.
  • School Answers provides the highest quality, cost effective educational services.

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